Juicy Subjects In Store For 2015 Florida Citrus Show

Since the 2014 edition of the Florida Citrus Show concluded in January, much has transpired within the industry to alter perspective on growing strategies, pest management methods, and overall attitudes of those who make up the sector. The most impactful of occurrences being the allocation of $125 million via the Farm Bill over the next five years to help fight HLB. The monetary shot in the arm gives hope to growers and should buy more time in mounting a viable defense against the disease.

At the 2015 Florida Citrus Show, slated for Jan. 28-29 at the Havert L. Fenn Center in Ft. Pierce, HLB-related sessions will naturally pepper the educational program with research updates regarding irrigation considerations, genetically modified possibilities, nutritional program particulars, and potential solutions — to name a few.

Given the dynamic nature of the industry, plus the geographic location of the Show, fresh fruit challenges and opportunities also round out the agenda, including several sessions geared specifically to grapefruit producers as well as anticipated trial results involving protected agriculture production, plus canker and phytophthora primers.

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